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Financial Skills

Our particular expertise in financial services means we can develop specific financial training, as well as talk your language in other training areas.

Investment Management

Our people have direct experience of working in and consulting for institutional fund management, as well as private client wealth management, at retail and UHNWI levels. We can assist in developing courses that address the current issues, and build a more integrated business that has consistent and measurable policies and outcomes.

And of course, our Communication practice works with Investment Management professionals to win business and build relationships. Our experience of working in and advising both the sell-side and the buy-side in manager selection, puts us in an excellent position to add value to your communications.


Alternative Investment & Hedge Funds

We have deep experience in Alternatives at all levels and with all strategies, fromĀ  investment, operational, and marketing perspectives.


Corporate Finance

We work both with corporate finance professionals and their clients to make deals go more smoothly and achieve prices and targets. Whether you have an IPO, a fund-raising or are selling a business, you can’t afford to get it wrong.



E-Learning particularly lends itself to compliance in that the activity and outcomes are measurable and, more importantly, provable for CPD purposes. But this has led to the proliferation of compulsory boredom. We know how to make it more interesting and efffective.