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Legal & Compliance

We have many years of experience training and advising courts, leading lawyers, and in financial compliance.

Legal Skills

We have been advising leading law firms for years on being more effective with face to face training. But it so often happens that a partner has client work and can’t make it at the last minute. So this is where e-Learning can fill the gap.

Client communication and court skills are opposite ends of the spectrum, but we can help with both, as well as dealing with and assisting expert witnesses to present their opinions. We have experience of acting as expert ourselves, in the UK, US and elsewhere. so we are well placed to advise on writing expert reports, as well as cross-examination.

Video is increasingly used in expert evidence, as it is a fast and compelling way of communicating visual or other complex concepts.

Compliance Skills

E-Learning particularly lends itself to compliance in that the activity and outcomes are measurable and, more importantly, provable for CPD purposes. But this has led to the proliferation of compulsory boredom. We have been through the process ourselves, and know how to make it more interesting and efffective.